Welcome to The UnCluttered Mother’s Blog. I often tell others The UnCluttered Mother began on September 19, 2005 – only I didn’t know it yet. September 19th was the day I received the most wonderful surprise of my life – I learned I was expecting a baby. After regaining consciousness, the doctor informed me of my due date (which just happened to be the same date as my 11th wedding anniversary) and my organized brain disappeared along with life the way I had known in all its organized glory!

Before the baby, I organized everything and couldn’t function if something was out of place. Dinner menus – made out months in advance including the days my husband and I would eat out. Grocery lists – I kept a mini notebook with me of items needed based on the dinner menus I created so it too was made out months in advance. Chores – assigned a specific day so everything (including things like cleaning the fridge) were done on a weekly basis.

After the baby – I would forget where I was going, what I was talking about, forget what I came into a room to get, had pieces of paper lying all over the house with “to do” items written on them, and dinner menus – I couldn’t even find a pencil to create one!

I’m not sure my brain has ever returned to normal (or just returned period) but I think motherhood is hilarious at times. Initially I started this blog to share helpful hints on staying organized and it will still feature articles on these topics – but now that my daughter is getting older and developing her own “voice”, I needed a place to express my thoughts on the “whole of motherhood”, with other mothers – and that includes managing a household with never ending laundry, raising a very determined daughter who’s convinced she knows more than me, a really sweet husband trying to navigate my insane changes complete with tears, relationships that have gotten weird in some cases but others that I just didn’t see coming, and because I’m a glutton for punishment – adding a home based business to the mix to keep my professional side nurtured while trying to stay available to my former nearly 9lb plumpster who has sprouted up overnight before my eyes…(insert great sadness here).

I hope you enjoy my blog. Please feel free to post your comments and I can also be reached via email at stephanie@unclutteredmother.com.

Mom’s Rock Always (Dad’s too)!


Stephanie Anderson –The UnCluttered Mother

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