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Stress Tip #5: Allow Our Kids to Be Responsible

Your child will be better prepared to tackle the bumps on the road of life if he has been given the gift of guided independence.” ~ Jacquie McTaggart

It happens to all of us! We so easily handle the management of our homes and families so well, that delegating tasks to our more than capable children is something we dream of doing yet when the time comes, rather than having the conversation, we continue to stress ourselves out trying to handle everything.

Sometimes it’s just easier and other times, relinquishing control of something makes us feel less needed. Regardless, it’s Superwoman Syndrome at its best and NO MORE!  Today, we talk to our tribe about sharing the household experience and reducing our stress.

Our children must be given age and maturity appropriate daily chores and responsibilities that they are held accountable for completing. They can handle it and if you don’t think they can, reassign a task to them and see just how wonderfully they complete it.

Do not be afraid to tie in their receiving an allowance to the completion of their assigned chores. It’s not cruel and it is a great prep exercise for the workplace they’ll enter later on – because you will have to work for your money or there will be no paycheck! If it makes you feel better, create a list of regular chores and one for extra chores they can take on where they can earn additional allowance. I’ve tried this technique with own my munchkin and it works wonderfully!

What kinds of things can they do:

  • Make their school lunches (which I’ve found they tend to eat more of versus me making lunch)
  • Help with dinner (Fill the pan with water for boiling, set the table, gather recipe ingredients)
  • Do the dishes/Load and unload the dishwasher
  • Help with laundry (loading their clothes into the washer, transferring to dryer, folding)
  • Take out the garbage/Organize the recycling
  • Feed and care for pets
  • Clean their own rooms! (This is the biggest area The UnCluttered Mother needs to work on)

How many things on the above list would relieve you of some household duties which then frees up more time for yourself? Make the decision today to start reducing your stress by sharing your responsibilities and know that in the process. you are raising responsible children that are prepared to successfully take care of themselves when they reach adulthood.



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