Donate 101!

Donations are good for the soul. So don’t hold back when you find good items during your organization/cleaning program that could be contributed.  Besides the obvious tax breaks, donating to your local charities is a wonderful way to teach our kiddos the joy of giving.  In fact, they love to be involved and I’ve found are more than happy to search their rooms for giveaways. 

As for the adults, the key to our donating success is to be honest about what needs to go.  The skinny skirt hidden in our closet from 10 years and 6 sizes ago, gone! The suit pants that not even a belt could love, out! Dusty tools that are in good shape but our fingerprints are nowhere to be found on them, donate! Spread the love you experienced with these products by donating them to a worthy organization for someone else to use in the present. 

I urge you to find a box worthy of your gifts and let’s get these things donated! I am wishing you the best with letting go and trust that I know how hard it can be.

Drop me a line and let me know how it’s going for you.

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