Get Organized By Recycling

Recycling is an ongoing project that everyone can get involved in right away. Again, as you’re organizing, make sure you watch for items that can be recycled. At my house, it’s more newspapers and water bottles that I’ve been guilty of tossing in the trash.

Don’t feel a need to purchase anything special because a simple box or plastic storage bin will do.  I use a simple cardboard box for newspapers but a plastic one for water bottles so if there’s any spillage, it won’t leak through.

Get your kiddos involved because they will be sure to keep you diligent about recycling. Look for ways to help your local schools out by placing your recyclable items in their bins. Make sure to include the plastic shopping bags in your recycling program because most stores have started their own recycling programs for these and will accept bags from all stores, not just their own.

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