#5 Stock Your Cleaning Caddy

I know what you're thinking: why didn't we make this cleaning caddy after suggestion #3, where we broke our home into stations? Well, I'll tell you.  After you completed the exercise of breaking down every room into individual stations, I thought it best to start thinking about rewards rather than barrel forward with this task – just in case the thought of cleaning each small area seemed overwhelming or caused you to want to throw in the towel.

The Cleaning Caddy – The caddy is for storing and carrying all of your cleaning supplies so make sure whatever container you use has a handle for easy carrying.  Each room will have unique needs so the cleaning supplies may be different. I'm not so firm on having a different caddy for each room because most of the cleaning supplies will be the same. However, I do think certain items in your caddy should remain separate such as any cleaning cloths or sponges. The bathroom, kitchen, and dusting cloths should not be used interchangebly – and you know why! Check your local dollar store for a cheap pack of multi-purpose wipes and you're all set!

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