Home Storage Tips and Reminders

In my opening post in this series, my recommendation was that you not over organize but just have a strategy. Same rules apply when setting up your home storage systems. Rather than rushing out to invest in an ultra slick, deliciously organized system of stacked plastic containers, baskets, and bins, think about the following:

What is the goal of your home storage system? Simple: Your system should be efficient, "locale" specific, and kid-friendly.

Why efficient? The easier the better. How often do you think you would be motivated to use an organizing system that required "moving mountains" to retrieve or store items aways? Most likely items would get plopped on top of the storage container and develop into a hot mess over time. Think also about the best containers for the item to be stored. Consider a clear versus a solid color storage container for commonly used items such as DVDs, because that would allow a quick visual scan of the container rather than having to put out a DVD APB in your own home.

Why "locale" specific? Keeping everything close to where it's used means less travel for that item and reduces the effort required to put it away after use.

And Kid Friendly? As I discussed in a previous post, we want the family to buy into our home organization efforts. So make it easy for your children to stay involved by making sure their coat and backpack hooks are on their level, using bins with wheels and long handles for pulling, and providing stepping stools so they can easily reach lower level shelves to put toys, shoes, or clothing away. 

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