#6 Let’s Get Busy!

Family Meeting – Check! 
Timeline – Check!
Home stations – Check!
Rewards System – Check!
Cleaning Caddy – Check!

The project day has finally arrived! So let's get busy. Wait – do not start anything without a timer! It doesn't have to be anything fancy, you can use a digital watch, the timer on your stove, or the alarm clock on your cell phone. I don't recommend simply watching the time on the clock because I honestly think you'll fare better if you have that timer working it's "psychological tricks" on your mind. Somehow knowing that timer will sound off at any minute just puts more urgency in your step. 

Since it's your first time out on this huge project, start out with say 15 minutes and go from there. The most I would recommend you set the timer is only for 30 minutes. After that, it just seems too long and I've found that I'll drag my feet a bit because I think I have plenty of time to get a certain room done. However, if a longer time works for you, have at it!

So……Set the timer, get ready, set, now go!   

Next: We'll talk junk drawers, donations, recycling, storing items, etc.   Stay tuned.

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