Please Don’t Over Organize! Just Have a Strategy.

Whenever I’ve talked to mothers about getting organized, most feel like organization is about every little screw and rubber band having a home. That sounds great but sometimes it won’t happen that way. Actually, most of the time it won’t happen that way, especially when there are tiny humans roaming around your home leaving stray crayons around, moving toys from room to room, dropping Cheerios as they go! Let’s please not forget the rest of us who have our own issues about what should drop to the floor, what the backs of chairs are for, and the relationship of those kitchen drawers to the contents of our pockets!

As you move past those horrible visions that arose after the last paragraph, I say that while organization is a must, be careful not to make your organization system so complicated that it is difficult to maintain while living a normal life. Stores offer a zillion items that look wonderful and are sometimes priced wonderful so you’ll take them home. What happens? They organize alright – the clutter that was already there!

So start thinking about the things you currently use or could use to organize your home without adding anything but what’s absolutely necessary.  What you need is already there – old photo boxes, mason jars, pencil boxes (yes, the ones every teacher adds to her supply list each year for our munchkins), and of course those storage bins filled with toys that haven’t seen the light of day, but we keep them just in case a small kiddo comes over. Yeah, I know that bin and I’m putting my foot down and steeling up for the “why mommy” tears  – because that bad boy is about to be reused!

I would love to know your thoughts on how you organize. Feel free to post your comments below.



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