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How to Really Get a Good Night’s Sleep!

Our health and well-being depends on getting a good night’s sleep and a lack of sleep affects how we perform in our day-to-day activities. So we should make sure we’re putting a good effort into improving our sleep.

Check out the suggestions below, give them a try and see if you feel much better in the mornings.

Exercise –Early in The Day

Exercise is a great way to prepare o
urselves for a good nights’ sleep but it’s best to exercise early in the day. A consistent schedule of daily exercise will help you to exert energy and feel calm when it is time to retire for the night. Avoid exercise immediately before bedtime as this can have the opposite effect of waking you up instead of calming down.

Play Relaxing Music

Music is a great mood enhancer. When using it for the purpose of falling asleep, play relaxing music such as soft classical, smooth jazz, or ambient music. Avoid anything too fast, loud, or with dramatic changes throughout. Make a playlist of songs which keep a consistent and soothing tempo and sounds and use it at bedtime.

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils can help as well.  If you are having trouble getting into a relaxed state, try putting a few drops of essential oil of lavender or chamomile into a bottle of water, and spraying your pillow and sheets a few times. You can also put a few drops of oil either into your bath directly before bed or use a diffuser made specifically for the purpose of diffusing essential oils.

Avoid Electronics

Feeling buzzed when you’d rather feel sleepy? Maybe it’s time to unplug the electronics. Blue light emitted from devices such as computers, smartphones and the television suppress the production of melatonin – a must when we’re trying to sleep.  So try to avoid using these electronics for at least a few hours before Sleep PIcbedtime.

Consistent Bedtime

There is no arguing this point! Your body is at it’s best when utilizing its natural sleep-wake cycle – and we all know what happens the next morning when we go to bed later than usual (or when we sneak in an afternoon nap).  So we have to make sure we get to bed on a regular schedule EVERY day and that includes the weekends as well.

Have a Consistent Bedtime Ritual

Being able to de-stress from the day is essential to getting a good night’s sleep. So make a consistent bedtime routine for yourself and you will send a signal to your brain that it is time to get into sleep mode. In addition to the essential oils, add in relaxing extras such as a few minutes of reading, journaling, stretching, eating a light snack, or taking a warm bath.

Sleep can be elusive at times but with a few small changes, you can make bedtime an enjoyable part of your day rather than a frustrating one. We can all agree that it’s well worth the effort because sleep is so important to the length and quality of your life.

Try the steps mentioned above and see just how big of a change you can bring to your life through a few simple ideas that bring you a greater quality and quantity of sleep.

Be sure to leave any ideas you have in the comments below.

Slumber On!


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