Same Baby I brought home from the Hospital?

I’ve been staring a lot lately at my 7-year old, especially when she so adamantly tells me what she’s not going to do, how she’s full shortly after begging for dinner that’s not ready fast enough, or explains to me how it was my fault that she forgot HER sneakers and had to sit P.E out last week. Hmmm, I think, there’s no way this is the same 9lb plumpster I brought home from the hospital just yesterday. Where did the time go?

Other parents told me to enjoy the time because it goes by quickly, but who knew how fast it would really fly! I can actually see my little plumpster heading out the door one day to her own place with a reminder for me to not forget to pay her rent – yes, it will happen because my husband tells me I have spoiled her rotten. AS IF! He’s the one that takes her into Wal-Mart and out she comes with the latest whatever! None of that for me, when the begging starts in the store, I don’t make eye contact anymore! She been reading for years now so I pass her a post-it note with the word NO on it! I keep a stack of them in my purse. She tugs heroically at my sleeve to force eye contact, but I focus my mind’s eye on the final balance of the impending store receipt because I never understand why it’s so high with a basket filled with BOGO’s!

Don’t get me wrong, I looove the way she’s developed has her own voice and feels safe expressing it – something I didn’t learn until I was much, much, older – like a grown woman older! I just need to reign it in a little for now and remind her that I am Mommy and that I’m still stuck 8 years back when I was informed about my impending surprise and how my life has never been the same since. Not that it ever will be and not that I would ever change anything – but if I could just get her to understand that she was once my little baby that needed me for everything and the older she gets it’s a little less each day – from every shoe she puts on without my help, every hairdo she pats down because her curls are too high, every grownup conversation she has that leaves me speechless, every nap she takes where she’s strangely taller afterwards, every dress she chooses over my preferred playground friendly skorts, and every outfit she vetoes at Gymboree – I miss you my sweet little one but I am truly looking forward to the adventure called your life and what a ride it will be!

Rock on my sweet and don’t worry about Mommy! Cut her some slack and be gentle when you remind her that you are not a baby anymore – even though she has refused to take down the baby pics from 7 years ago. Give her some time and one day she just might actually put your kindergarten picture on the mantle and who knows, by high school graduation, perhaps you’ll finally be up to 2nd Grade or even later.

You never know….Mommies are always full of surprises!

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