Stress #10 – Make Sure You UnPlug Regularly!

It’s hard to avoid and has become a part of our daily lives – yes, the digital world!

We’re bombarded constantly with digital media all day long. Computers and smartphones – so much to see, so much to read, so many digital games to play. Into the evening, we’re guilty of sitting down as a family plugged into some kind of digital device and not talking to each other.

I’ll admit that I love being instantly connected to the internet, email, texting, social media, etc. but sometimes it does make me a tad irritable for no good reason. When that happens, I plug my phone up in another room so I’m not tempted to check every notification sound I hear, only to find out it’s junk email, a sales message from one of the many reward programs I’ve signed up for, or the wonderful text from you cellular provider telling you your data plan has been exceeded! Talk about stress level.

Enough already!

Let’s stop the madness and make an effort to get unplugged and stop all those things that beep at us constantly, disrupting everything we’re doing. Whether you unplug in the evenings or choose an unplugged day for your family, there are many benefits. You’ll be able to focus on those things you’ve been meaning to get done, and if the family is all unplugged you might be surprised at the fun and connection you can all have together.

Ready – Set- UNPLUG!!!

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