Stress and Worry, Taking Care of Ourselves

Stress Buster #7: Make Sure You Have a Girlfriend Support System

Friendship is one mind in two bodies.” ~ Mencius

We have a lot of important things to take care of in our daily lives and yes, it is easy to get caught up in taking care of family, homes, spouses and every other important obligation that sits on our plate – and it so wonderful that we dedicate this time to our families.

However, we must make time for our girlfriend support system that keeps us on the road to sanity. Just as easy as it is to get caught up in family obligations is the same ease at which we’ll deny ourselves this much needed resource and sometimes that can lead to disastrous results. Everyone needs someone to talk to who understands how they feel, who can just easily chat about anything and someone who is so easy to just hang with and have fun.  As women we are social creatures and we need the sisterhood connection and the support it provides.

So that to-do list we all have –  add a task for “contact my support group” and make it a priority to touch base with and keep in touch regularly with your support system. Keep it simple as well. Sometimes you won’t be able to leave the home but you can bring the fun and support to you. Children have to sleep sometimes and that’s the perfect time for you!



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