Stress Buster #9 – No Gym Needed for Exercise!

Manage your stress by making exercise a part of your daily routine. But please change any beliefs you have that means you have to join a gym for best results. A gym is not the only way to get good exercise.

Where did that belief come from anyway? The notion that exercise is all about cardio machines and weights only? Well, there are many ways to get exercise that don’t involve paying someone a monthly fee to use equipment in a crowded room. You can participate in a variety of sports such as walking or riding a bike.

Also, rather than sticking to the “same ole” exercise beliefs and techniques, think of engaging in things you’ve never tried before or try a different take on regular activities – and make it fun. Walk with the children after school (they always walk faster so you’d have to walk faster and burn more calories to keep up), toss the softball in the park (the act of running after a run away ball, tossing the ball, running to tag them before they reach the base will definitely provide a workout), ask a friend to play tennis or try swimming a few laps at the community center pool. These are great ways to get a workout without it feeling like exercise.

However, if you prefer the gym and its equipment, then by all means make time to visit your favorite location as often as possible – at least 3 times a week. Some locations offer child care that’s included in your monthly gym fee so please take advantage of this option when possible. To supplement your gym efforts at home, purchase weights or a used cardio machine at a yard sale or on these popular local online “yard sale” type websites that are popping up.

However you decide to add more exercise into your life, make sure it’s a routine that works best for you, your schedule, and your lifestyle. Learn to be mindful of the workout opportunities throughout your day and you’ll be well on your way to handling your stress with a regular physical routine!

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